Overcoming Your Soul’s Fear of Change

On a conscious level, you know change is inevitable. You may even welcome change. But so many of us have a deep, soul-level resistance to change that blocks us from taking advantage of opportunities, keeps us stuck, or prevents us from moving forward as we should.

This month’s exploration involves understanding the spiritual reasons for resisting change and will include a past-life regression to help you break out of the invisible restraints that affect all of us in some way or other.

We’ll also be examining the desire for Safety, a significant element of anyone’s life plan, and the voice of caution that can sometimes make you over-cautious. This desire is often chosen by your soul after past lives in which your soul feels you acted recklessly. If, like me, you have no desire for Safety, we’ll explore your soul’s reasons for avoiding it too.

As always, it’s important to remember that any fear or block you may have is the result of experiences your soul is unable to put to rest. The more you understand the cause, the easier it becomes to cure the symptoms. 

Healing a fear of change allows you to take giant steps towards living the life your soul intended. 


This month, we’ll be exploring the subject of talents, and how you can identify and engage those available to you. All talents are past-life abilities, which means we all develop strengths and abilities through repetition over multiple lifetimes. 

Exploring the talents you developed all those years ago will help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses so you can make better use of your soul’s lifetimes of experience and apply them in this life. Even talents that lie dormant can become active again with awareness and effort on your part. 

Uncovering your soul type and influences is like going to the doctor and getting your height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, scans, and X-rays. It tells us so much about who you are. And that’s important because, as the spirit guides say, “Who you are is why you’re here.”

No matter what your interests, abilities, traits or talents happen to be, there’s a past life you can access to increase your abilities and increase your enjoyment of the things you do in this life.

From the moment you come into this life, even the most well-intentioned parents, teachers, friends, and others will want you to conform to their idea of who you are.

You’re here to live your life the way your soul wants you to. And that means following your own path, free from the influence of those who want you to fit into the box they’ve created for you. So, join us to learn how to live this life for you, not others.

The hurts your soul carries from earlier incarnations are as real as anything you might encounter in this life.

And when those hurts are triggered by events in this life, it’s easy to go into a disempowered place, just as you might have done a century ago.

Healing your heart chakra from past-life hurts will help you better deal with hurts from this lifetime, and will help you love more deeply, and develop a stronger sense of self-worth.