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Your Soul’s Earliest Lessons

For this month’s exploration, we’re taking a big picture look at your soul’s journey by exploring reincarnation, which is the process all souls use to learn every aspect of what it is to be human.

Your soul is on a journey that takes it from a place of fear to love, and from a place of me to we. Your soul is looking for a college degree level of understanding, not an evening class – it really wouldn’t learn very much if it came here to earth only once. Through reincarnation, your soul gets the well-rounded education it seeks.

The cumulative effect of multiple incarnations is to make you less fearful, more accepting of those unlike yourself, and generally more concerned with the wellbeing of others. Persecution as a Jew in the holocaust might teach you important lessons about the abuse of authority, injustice, the need for compassion, and so on. A life as a beggar in medieval England might teach you a lot about treating the underdog with kindness and respect.

Your soul is impelled, as are all souls, to evolve. Which is why it keeps returning to earth again and again until it feels it’s learned everything it needs to know about being human. By building each lifetime on the shoulders of the ones that went before, your soul ages, which helps it to meet its goal of growth and forward movement.

Soul Desires


As an old soul, you’re expected to be an example to less experienced souls. Having embodied the most important lessons every soul is here to learn, being loving, kind, honest, and respectful, should come easily to you.

All souls are seeking to fully embody the ten core values that are the markers associated with spiritual maturity and the goals all souls seek. To do so, you walk the paths that lead to those goals.

But, as an old soul, you can also use the paths to heal past-life trauma, and to put certain major life lessons on the front burner.

In this important exploration, the last in our year-long investigation into The Instruction, we’ll take these well-worn paths and show how they reveal important insights about the fears you’re seeking to heal, and the major lessons that are up for you in this incarnation.

For many people, spirit guides are little more than a vague concept. Yet they are an essential part of our experience here on planet Earth. They work tirelessly to guide, encourage, and inspire us to maximize our potential. Spirit guides are our support team on the other side.

The word “Powers” refers to the power each of us has when we travel through the world with our spirit guides by our side. By following ten key steps, you can begin immediately to strengthen your connection to them.

With the support of your spirit guides you have the opportunity to live life in a way that’s more purposeful by using their knowledge and wisdom to continually shape your destiny. In November’s class, we’ll not only answer some commonly asked questions about spirit guides, but we’ll also investigate ways to communicate better with them.

Soul Desires

While we all have challenges, the ones we’re exploring in October are part of your soul’s journey and they need to be overcome.

There are ten challenges, each stemming from events in this life, and usually in your younger years. A challenge arises when your soul experiences trauma, and then responds in ways that may be unsurprising, but can act to keep you from moving forward like you should.

You might, for example, have had unwanted change in childhood that caused you to feel scared. The result is a challenge of Obstinacy – a kind of digging in of the heels that can keep you locked into patterns of behavior, or prevent you from rolling with life’s punches.

The good news, as always, is that these challenges are surmountable. All you need to do is identify them and work on the antidote with your spirit guides. So, whether you have Obstinacy, Restlessness, Self-Sacrifice, or any other challenge, this is the month to relegate them to the dustbin of your soul’s history!

Soul Desires

In this life, as in previous incarnations, you’ll find numerous lessons that may seem disconnected, but are actually part of a theme. Investigations are a significant element of your soul’s life plan, and they help take seemingly disconnected experiences and roll them into one big lesson.

Though there are ten investigations, and all are significant, we’ll be paying particular attention to the three most common investigations – Addiction, Abandonment, and Abuse. Whether you know it or not, you’re investigating one or all three in this life.

What makes investigations so important to understand is that the positive lessons associated with each can be used to make you stronger. Through the advantage (i.e., the positive aspect) of each, you can free yourself from the negative influence of others, recover quickly from life’s setbacks, become more independent and self-reliant, and turn your negative experiences into empowering lessons.