Our Spiritual Connection to Animals

After the past three months of heavy spiritual lifting, we’re lightning things up a bit for November by exploring the souls of animals. We’ll focus mostly on cats, dogs, and horses, as they are the animals most closely connected to humans, and the ones whose souls’ choices effect ours. We’ll explore how they arrive here to be with us, and what they choose to be and to experience.

This is not simply a random choice for old souls and their old soul pets. This is about the soul types that animals choose that give them their personality. And how their soul types, in many ways, mirror those of humans.

We’ll look at what animals hope to learn from being our companions, and why their choices speak to our lessons in this life

While much of what we’ll explore will be about dogs, cats, and horses, this month’s theme is also about the souls of mountain lions, giraffes, whales, reptiles, and even spiders! 

There are different levels of souls to discuss and how this relates to the subject of the Transformation, and the stages of consciousness that give creatures different levels of free will vs. instinct.

You’ll discover that many animals instinctively know to do things that takes years for humans to learn. This is the result of a soul that’s part of a larger group that sets the parameters within which the animal operates.

According to my Spirit Guides, “This is fascinating whether you’re an animal lover or not, as it tells you so much about the soul, and the differences between animals and humans.”


If your soul has been treated badly in a past life, it may be difficult to stand up for itself in this one. Lacking strong boundaries may result in others taking advantage of your generosity, easygoing nature, or willingness to help.

Fuzzy or weak boundaries causes your soul to close your heart chakra for protection, which is the worst way to deal with boundary violations because they’ll still happen. All you’ve done is emotionally anesthetize yourself so you don’t feel the effects.

An open heart chakra and strong boundaries is the ideal condition to be in. When you set clear boundaries, your soul will begin to heal the past, you’ll gain clarity on what you will and will not tolerate, and become stonger in the process.

In this month’s exploration, we’ll examine the reasons why empaths attract narcissists, why narcissists attract empaths, and why past lives play a significant role in the narcissist/empath dynamic. And we’ll look at ways to break the patterns that keep you in a place of victimization.

Being an empath doesn’t mean you can’t be compassionate and caring while also being strong and maintaining healthy boundaries. Once you learn to recognize the part you play in your own victimization, you’ll begin to repel narcissists and no longer allow them to interfere with your happiness and wellbeing.

The world would be a far better place for everyone if empaths were appreciated and respected for your altruism and kindness.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy being an empath in a world in which traits like compassion and sensitivity are not recognized as a sign of enlightenment, or where your innate gentleness is regarded as weakness.

In this month’s exploration, The Bumpy Road to Compassion, we’ll explore what it means to be an empath, how to express your compassion for others, and how to protect yourself when others use your empathy against you.

While most of us accept the existence of spirit guides, we don’t always know what to do with them. Do we all have them? Are there different kinds of spirit guides? How many do we have?

Spirit guides are an essential part of our experience here on planet Earth. They work tirelessly to guide, encourage, and inspire us to maximize our potential.

With the support of your spirit guides, you have the opportunity to live life in a way that’s more purposeful by using their knowledge and wisdom to continually shape your destiny.

Think of them as your support team on the other side.