Your Soul’s Quest for Freedom

In this lifetime, we’re all here to live life to the fullest, and to find ways to express our soul’s need for freedom. Yet, how many of us can truly say we’re doing that?

After lifetimes of imprisonment, enslavement, and lack of opportunity, you soul is keenly aware of how fortunate you are if, in this incarnation, you have freedom of movement, expression, and thought.

Past lives in which you were subjugated, incarcerated, or denied the opportunity to complete your life plan will leave your soul with a thirst for personal freedom. After such limiting incarnations, you may find yourself unable to see your true potential in this life. Like the prisoner or slave you once were, you may even feel trapped in situations that limit your true potential.

At a time when many of us are having our freedoms limited, we can still make the most of the experience by finding ways to express that need for personal freedom and autonomy.


What are phobias? How do they differ from regular past-life fears, and how do they show up for you and your relationships. ? Why do certain events cause a fight-or-flight response? How can you transcend their effects?

In May, we’ll explore how phobias are all past-life death-related fears, and why they feel so crippling. We’ll look at how fears like public speaking, feeling out of control, and being in enclosed spaces like elevators can trigger past-life memories that cause an over-reaction to situations others might find quite unremarkable. 

And, in this time of coronavirus and lockdown, we’ll examine the way past-lives of sickness or terminal illness can cause us to respond with fear or go to the worst-case scenario in our minds. 

With the phrase “social distancing” on everyone’s lips, let’s examine what being confined to home or having to avoid personal interaction means for the soul. Souls are (in the main) social animals. So, what happens when your soul is forced to isolate itself?

How you deal with social distancing depends on a number of factors. The first being the Paradox: the two missions that determine where a soul falls on the extrovert/introvert spectrum.

We’ll also look at how different soul types can use their distinct traits and behaviors to make the very best of a situation few of us expected to have to deal with in this life.

This month, we’re exploring what the spirit guides refer to as the Illusion—the invisible block that prevents many of us from recognizing the humanity in others and from the awareness that we’re all connected.

There is no separation on the spiritual plane. All souls are at different points in their evolution, and no soul is intrinsically better or worse than any other.

Though younger souls are more easily caught behind the Illusion of separation, the spirit guides want to help us understand its effects because we’re all subject to the influence of the illusion in ways both small and large.

The soul’s journey on the Physical Plane takes it from a place of me to we; from fear to love. By the time it becomes an old soul, it will have learned through experience that we’re all connected.

Unfortunately, young souls are still learning this essential spiritual lesson, so this month, we’ll explore what it means to be a young soul and how to best deal with the challenges their inexperience presents. The better you understand how young souls think and behave, the more you’ll be able to deal with them; whether it’s in your home or in the corridors of power.