Avoiding the Expectations of Others

None of us are immune to the influence of others’ expectations. From the moment you come into this life, even the most well-intentioned parents, teachers, friends, and others will want you to conform to their idea of who you are.

As a child, you get used to hearing how things would be better if you’d only be more like your siblings, stop doing things you like doing, or make more of an effort to fit in.

By the time you reach adulthood, you can be so used to conforming to other people’s expectations that you don’t even notice it happening. You can be controlled by the threat of anger or disapproval, manipulated by subtle coercion, or even alter your personality or pretend to be something you’re not just to avoid someone’s displeasure.

You’re here to live your life the way your soul wants you to. And that means following your own path, free from the influence of those who want you to fit into the box they’ve created for you. So, join us to learn how to live this life for you, not others.


The hurts your soul carries from earlier incarnations are as real as anything you might encounter in this life.

And when those hurts are triggered by events in this life, it’s easy to go into a disempowered place, just as you might have done a century ago.

Healing your heart chakra from past-life hurts will help you better deal with hurts from this lifetime, and will help you love more deeply, and develop a stronger sense of self-worth.

No matter how carefully your soul tries, things will still get in the way of it completing a successful life.your next incarnation.

You only have to look at the history of this world, or the story of your family, or your own experience, to know that things don’t always go according to plan.

Understanding the causes of karma and how past-life karma affects you in the present will help you balance karma in the present. 

This month’s exploration is designed to help you gain clarity around your soul’s beliefs, show you where your blocks come from, and help you gain trust in expressing your true self.

It’s not about telling you what to think, but rather helping you to manifest your authentic self with confidence and helping you to be an ambassador for old soul values.

 Your soul’s life plan is a rough blueprint for this incarnation, and contains many goals. Your dreams/aspirations help lead you to achieving your goals. And desires—an essential part of your life plan—help tell you what those goals are.

Understanding these elements of your life plan helps you get clear about your goals, and brings you closer towards living the life your soul intended!