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THE INSTRUCTION: The Key to Unlocking Your Soul’s Purpose

Part 9 – Investigations: Turning Negative Experiences into Empowering Lessons

In this life, as in previous incarnations, you’ll find numerous lessons that may seem disconnected, but are actually part of a theme. Investigations are a significant element of your soul’s life plan, and they help take seemingly disconnected experiences and roll them into one big lesson.

Though there are ten investigations, and all are significant, we’ll be paying particular attention to the three investigations beginning with the letter A. They are Addiction, Abandonment, and Abuse. And whether you know it or not, you’re investigating one or all three in this life.

What makes investigations so important to understand is that the positive lessons associated with each can be used to make you stronger. Through the advantage (i.e., the positive aspect) of each, you can:  

  • Free yourself from the negative influence of others
  • Recover quickly from life’s setbacks
  • Become more independent and self-reliant

So, if you’ve ever found yourself dealing with an addiction, like food or alcohol (in yourself or others), or if you’ve ever felt you don’t have the support you need, or you have a history of being treated unkindly or even abusively, then your soul will seek to empower you by turning these negative experiences into empowering lessons. And that’s when the healing begins!

Soul Desires


Thanks to the internet and YouTube, we can see an endless range of talents in all sorts of people – singers, acrobats, magicians, and dancers.

And then there are the children, like the 4-year-old who plays classical piano like a virtuoso, or the 9-year-old opera singer and others like them who regularly blow the judges away on America’s Got Talent. What they all have in common are specific talents their souls have carried into this life from prior incarnations.

All talents are past-life abilities. We all develop strengths and abilities through repetition over multiple lifetimes. If you’re a brilliant baker now, it’s a sign you’ve done it before. And if you’re a skilled athlete, the physical training you’ve gone through in previous lives will give you an edge over the competition.

All talents can be identified and applied. Even talents that lie dormant can become active again with a little prodding. Join us to learn about your talents, and how can you use them to enhance your experience of life on the Physical Plane.

Soul Desires

Past-life phobias are a lot more common than you might imagine. They show up when your soul encounters a trigger or reminder of a traumatic (death-related) event in an earlier incarnation.

A phobia of Judgment, for example, stems from an experience in the past in which being judged, perhaps for the color of your skin, or in a court of law, led to your demise. In this life your soul will flip out when it feels judged, like in a job interview, an exam, or having to give a presentation.

The important thing to remember is that your fears and phobias are not who you are. And they’re not your friend.

If you have a phobia, you should work to overcome it. And that’s where past-life work excels. Some phobias heal completely the moment a person reminds their soul that their fear is nothing more than a memory – a ghost from the past.

Because it doesn’t die between lives, your soul can’t easily separate something that happened five lifetimes ago from something that happened in your current life. To your soul, a traumatic event from 200 years ago can be as fresh a memory as ones from your childhood.

When your soul encounters a trigger – a reminder of past-life trauma – it can overreact by fearing that it’s about to go through the same experience again and very easily slip into a place of fear or disempowerment.

The good news is that almost every limiting belief, fear, phobia, and even physical issues can be healed or alleviated by uncovering the original, past-life cause.

Soul Desires

For our May exploration, we’re diving deep into the topic of Desires, which is another essential part of your soul’s life plan. The importance of desires can’t be overstated, as they’re often ignored – especially when one’s path is more spiritual.

The desires your soul chose before you were born allow you to gain tremendous growth from experiences that many take for granted. They help you develop a better understanding, each time you incarnate, of what it means to be human. And they speak volumes about the things you’ll do while you’re here on planet earth.

This month, we’ll explore all ten of the desires and I’ll show you how to identify and engage your own in order to enhance your life to the fullest.

Missions are chosen as part of your soul’s life plan to ensure that you have the opportunity to learn certain lessons, and they’re with you from cradle to grave.

You choose each mission for a specific reason, though that reason may change from lifetime to lifetime depending on your soul types and specific lessons you’re seeking to learn this time around. A mission isn’t fully formed from the time you’re born, but instead is something you’ll continually develop throughout your lifetime according to the changing circumstances of your destiny.

In this month’s exploration, we’ll be diving into this fascinating aspect of your soul’s life plan by looking at all 10 of the missions. We’ll look at how to identify your own missions, and how to make the most of them.

Let’s learn about Soul Types! Every one of us enters each incarnation with a complete personality based on traits and behaviors that are developed over many lifetimes.

With very few exceptions, your personality is comprised of one main soul type, a primary soul type influence, and a handful of secondary soul type influences – all of which were chosen on the Astral Plane before you were born.

In this month’s exploration, we’ll  investigate the work and other activities your soul was involved in throughout its many incarnations. And I’ll show you how those past-life experiences helped develop the soul types you chose for this life. All of which is designed to help you gain clarity on – and manifest – your life purpose.

For February, we’re exploring the fascinating topic of soul ages.

What does it mean to be an old soul? How can you tell if you’re one or not? If you’re an old soul, how does that compare to younger souls? How do you get to be an old soul?

Your soul age is based on how often you’ve reincarnated here on earth, and what you’ve learned from being here.

In this month’s exploration, we’ll examine the ten soul ages and how to recognize the traits that accompany each level.

We’ll also look at the negative and positive aspects of each and help you to find your place in the world by better understanding who you are as well as learning about the soul ages of friends, family, and others.

During the entire year of 2021, the spirit guides will be taking you on a deep and lengthy dive into the method outlined in Ainslie’s first book, THE INSTRUCTIONLiving the life Your Soul Intended.

In January, we’ll begin with an overview of the purpose of reincarnation and your soul’s reasons for coming to the Physical Plane.

We’ll answer questions like:

  • Where did your soul originate?
  • Why is it here?
  • What is it looking for?
  • How has reincarnation made you who you are?

For your conscious self, this may be the only life you know. But for your soul, it’s simply one of many. It’s impossible to fully comprehend who you are and why you’re here without knowing where you’ve been.