Blocks to Recognizing Our Shared Humanity

Have you ever wondered why some people treat others with incredible unkindness, or seem to have no issue with the extreme level of inequality in the world, or why certain groups believe themselves to be “special” in some way?

This month, we’re exploring what the spirit guides refer to as the Illusion, which is the invisible block that prevents many of us from recognizing the humanity in others.

The Illusion blocks the awareness that we’re all connected. It causes many souls to see themselves as separate from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this disconnect from the collective consciousness has a huge impact on human behavior.  

There is no separation on the spiritual plane. All souls are at different points in their evolution, and no soul is intrinsically better or worse than any other.

Though younger souls are more easily caught behind the Illusion of separation, the spirit guides want to help us understand its effects and remind us that we’re all subject to the influence of the illusion in ways both small and large.


The soul’s journey on the Physical Plane takes it from a place of me to we; from fear to love. By the time it becomes an old soul, it will have learned through experience that we’re all connected.

Unfortunately, young souls are still learning this essential spiritual lesson, so this month, we’ll explore what it means to be a young soul and how to best deal with the challenges their inexperience presents. The better you understand how young souls think and behave, the more you’ll be able to deal with them; whether it’s in your home or in the corridors of power.


On a conscious level, you know change is inevitable. You may even welcome change. But so many of us have a deep, soul-level resistance to change that blocks us from taking advantage of opportunities, keeps us stuck, or prevents us from moving forward as we should.

Any fear or block you may have is the result of experiences your soul is unable to put to rest. The more you understand the cause, the easier it becomes to cure the symptoms. Healing a fear of change allows you to take giant steps towards living the life your soul intended.

This month, we’ll be exploring the subject of talents, and how you can identify and engage those available to you. All talents are past-life abilities, which means we all develop strengths and abilities through repetition over multiple lifetimes. 

Exploring the talents you developed all those years ago will help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses so you can make better use of your soul’s lifetimes of experience and apply them in this life. Even talents that lie dormant can become active again with awareness and effort on your part. 

Uncovering your soul type and influences is like going to the doctor and getting your height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, scans, and X-rays. It tells us so much about who you are. And that’s important because, as the spirit guides say, “Who you are is why you’re here.”

No matter what your interests, abilities, traits or talents happen to be, there’s a past life you can access to increase your abilities and increase your enjoyment of the things you do in this life.