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What is the secret to living a life well lived? Is it true that he who dies with the most toys wins? Or is it the person who lives the longest? Maybe it’s the one who ends up wealthiest?

As you can imagine from the title of this month’s exploration, it’s none of these things.

We’re all here to make a positive difference in the world. When we improve the lives of others, we elevate our own. For that reason, a better way to determine who wins is that it’s the person with the most positive karma.

An act of kindness creates positive karma that elevates your consciousness and increases your sense of happiness and wellbeing. It can cause a ripple effect that lasts lifetimes.

And there’s a system at work here. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. We all have different karmic debts to heal.

For our May exploration, we’re going to take a deep dive into how helping others helps you, and why healing karma ensures everyone’s a winner!

Soul Desires


Have you ever felt like a victim of circumstances? Or like bad luck always seems to come your way? Are you stuck in a negative mindset, believing others seem to get the breaks and you don’t?

We all slip into some version of victimization at some point. Life doesn’t always go as well as you’d like, and it’s easy for spiritual setbacks to leave you feeling defeated.

You might, for example, be stuck in a poor job or a second-rate relationship, or dealing with rejection, disloyalty, or injustice, and basically unable to see the power you have to change your life for the better.

During our April exploration, we’ll look at how you’re never truly a victim of circumstances or singled out for harsh treatment by forces beyond your control. And we’ll talk about how you can always move beyond the paralyzing effects of disappointment by learning to stay in an empowered place.

Wouldn’t you love to say what’s on your mind, regardless of the situation? The blocks to expressing yourself without fear are always rooted in past lives. They cause you to hold back, blurt, put your foot in it, or even say things so obtusely that no one can make sense of what you just said.

You want those around you to be honest with you. And, of course, they expect the same from you. When you speak your truth, you act with congruity. You feel good about yourself, and others will respect you for it.

There are many benefits that come from speaking your truth. It gives you greater confidence, deepens trust and intimacy in relationships, speeds up your spiritual progress, and more. And because the root cause always stems from past lives, this month’s regression will form an integral part of our exploration.

This month’s exploration takes us to your soul’s past to chart the development of your personality. You’ll learn how your soul chooses an appropriate soul type for each lifetime, and how the traits and behaviors from one life carry into the next.

We’ll begin by investigating your soul’s earliest lives during Neolithic times, how it learned from others in the tribe, and how we’re each still programmed to learn from others.

From the simplicity of life in a Stone-Age tribe, to the much more complex world of the 17th Century, and up to our current times, you’ll see how each soul type fulfilled an essential, though very different, function in each of these settings.

Lifetimes spent developing your personality and related abilities have all contributed to making you who you are. And who you were in the past speaks volumes about your soul’s purpose in this life. As I love saying, who you are is why you’re here.

For this month’s exploration, we’re taking a big picture look at your soul’s journey by exploring reincarnation, which is the process all souls use to learn every aspect of what it is to be human.

Your soul is on a journey that takes it from a place of fear to love, and from a place of me to we. Your soul is looking for a college degree level of understanding, not an evening class – it really wouldn’t learn very much if it came here to earth only once. Through reincarnation, your soul gets the well-rounded education it seeks.

The cumulative effect of multiple incarnations is to make you less fearful, more accepting of those unlike yourself, and generally more concerned with the wellbeing of others. 

Your soul is impelled, as are all souls, to evolve. By building each lifetime on the shoulders of the ones that went before, your soul ages, which helps it to meet its goal of growth and forward movement.