Each month, Ainslie and Christine present a new theme to explore in membership. Monthly topics are chosen by the spirit guides to help inspire and empower you to better embody your soul’s full potential.

As a member, you’ll have access to archived content which includes replays from the most current month, as well as from the four previous months. Here’s what we’ve been exploring lately:

Your soul is here on the earthly plane to learn about being human. But life, as I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, is not always easy. No doubt, you’ve had your share of hurts, losses, disappointments, and frustrations. Which is a big reason you may sometimes take the whole thing too seriously.

Life can look like a continual series of challenges to be dealt with. And, in many ways, it is. Your soul is on a quest for happiness. Which means actively seeking out joy.

But how do you find joy? One great way is to find something you can get passionate about. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to find their passion. And that’s where the spirit world can help.

Finding joy through activities that give you meaning begins with understanding what you found fulfilling in past lives. So, if you’ve been taking life a little too seriously, it’s time to lighten up and let the spirit guides take you on a search for joy!

June 2023, The Search For Joy: Are You Taking Life Too Seriously?


May 2023, Earth Angels: When Spirit Guides Are Not Enough

For this month, we’ll look at who earth angels are, what they do, and why you should most definitely care!

We all get stuck at some point in our lives. For example, you might be trapped in a dismal career, following a path that’s inconsistent with your soul’s life plan, or in a relationship that makes you go “meh.”

In cases like those, your spirit guides will always try to motivate you to make much needed changes. But it can sometimes be hard to hear or recognize their guidance. And if you continue to ignore their nudges, then that’s when an earth angel will appear.

An earth angel is the person who acts as a catalyst for change in your life. They might suggest a better way of doing things or show you a different path to follow. And they show up when you most need them.

Earth angels walk amongst us. And guess what? You’re one too!

April 2023, Spiritual Resilience: Empowerment After Disempowerment.

Your soul created a life plan for you to follow as a map for this life. It includes relationships it wants you to have, loads of experiences it feels will help you evolve, and talents and abilities it hopes you’ll have the chance to use.

Unfortunately, as the great Scottish poet Robert Burns said, “The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley.” Meaning, things don’t work out as you might have expected.

It’s easy to feel defeated when things go wrong. You might feel bad things always happen to you, or that what one person might see as a minor setback causes you to give up.

It won’t surprise you to know there’s a past-life component to spiritual resilience. Past lives of disempowerment can be easily triggered when you encounter a reminder in this life.

In this month’s exploration, we’ll be diving deep into what happens when life gets you down, how to recognize when you’re slipping into the role of victim, and how to get back to a place of empowerment as quickly as possible after a setback.

Get ready for another Illuminating month in the Soul World Community!

March 2023, Soulmates: the Course of True Love.

Shakespeare said, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” And I’m sure most of us have encountered challenges in our romantic relationships at some point in our lives.

But… soulmates – are they not different? If you meet one, doesn’t the path of true love finally run smooth?

There are many myths about soulmates. The most common is that meeting a soulmate means everything will be trouble free from that moment on. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A relationship with a soulmate is rarely without challenges.

This month, we’ll be exploring the whole topic of soulmates, including what they are, how to find one, how to recognize one when you do find them, and what happens when things don’t work out with one.

Are you seeking a soulmate? Are you with a soulmate? Are you happy without a relationship at all? This month’s exploration has something for everyone as we delve into every aspect of the subject.

February 2023, Balancing Karma: Spiritual Cause and Effect

For our February exploration, we’ll be diving into the deep end of one of the most fascinating and misunderstood spiritual concepts: karma. We’ll endeavor to answer three big questions this month:

  1. What is karma?
  2. How is it created?
  3. How is it healed?

Everyone has karma. We carry the effects from earlier incarnations into this life, and we create and balance karma as we progress.

The exciting thing is that the better you understand karma, especially as it relates to past-life fears, the more you can adjust your life to accommodate the need for healing through balance.

While we explored karma here in membership about six months ago, it’s such an important topic to understand, the spirit guides wanted to focus on it again. So, we’ll be looking at it from a different angle this month. We’ll get to the heart of the matter and reveal why cause and effect are spiritually inseparable.

Join us for another fascinating investigation in the Soul World Community and start balancing the effects of karma immediately!

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