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For this month’s exploration, my spirit guides and I will lead you on a journey that focuses on kindness. We’ll be exploring kindness as a spiritual act, and looking at what it means to be kind, as well as unkind, and the karmic consequences of both.

Being kind – both to yourself and to others – is about walking gracefully through your life. It’s also about creating a spiritually conducive environment that will enable the deepest and most long-lasting soul growth.

Sadly, we live in a world that can be unkind. And certain past-life experiences can cause you to be triggered by other people’s unkindness, or even (sometimes unwittingly) to treat others less than kindly. Unfortunately, unkindness can create negative karma, and that’s something that can interfere with your life plan.

But good news – the antidote is to simply lead with kindness at all times. It’s easier than you think, and can have a transformational effect on your mind, body, and spirit. In fact, it can be the key to living a happier and successful life.

September 2023, LEADING WITH KINDNESS: Why It's Easier Than You Think


August 2023, SOULS IN CONFLICT: Why We Don't Always Get Along

For August, the spirit guides want to explore the ways that the ten past-life fears interfere with our ability to maintain healthy and loving relationships.

According to them, souls are meant to travel together in the same direction. But when fears are triggered, those souls may collide, butt heads, obstruct one another’s progress, or careen off in opposite directions.

In this month’s exploration, we’ll look at ways past-life fears are triggered in relationships like marriages, friendships, children and other family members, colleagues, etc., and why certain people – or their behavior – can drive you nuts.

Fortunately, simply learning how the fears manifest in this life can help you understand the cause of spiritual conflict. Which in turn leads to improvements and healing in the workplace, as well as between parents and children, in marriages, and in every other kind of relationship.

July 2023, NURTURING YOUR SOUL: The Importance of Spiritual Self-Care

When it comes to understanding your soul, there’s one fundamental principle you need to be aware of: Your soul can’t separate mind, body, and spirit. It sees the three parts as one.

This is why physical fatigue can cause emotional and spiritual stress. Or why emotional distress can show up through physical ailments or vulnerabilities. And it’s why being physically fit can make you feel emotionally good, or why being spiritually fulfilled gives you more energy and contentment.

Part of your purpose in this life is to nurture your soul. And you can do that by taking care of mind, body, and spirit, because when you nurture one part of the triad, you nurture the other two.

In this month’s exploration we’ll delve deep into the importance of spiritual self-care, and examine ways your soul’s inability to separate mind, body, and spirit can be used to your advantage.

June 2023, The Search For Joy: Are You Taking Life Too Seriously?

Your soul is here on the earthly plane to learn about being human. But life, as I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, is not always easy. No doubt, you’ve had your share of hurts, losses, disappointments, and frustrations. Which is a big reason you may sometimes take the whole thing too seriously.

Life can look like a continual series of challenges to be dealt with. And, in many ways, it is. Your soul is on a quest for happiness. Which means actively seeking out joy.

But how do you find joy? One great way is to find something you can get passionate about. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to find their passion. And that’s where the spirit world can help.

Finding joy through activities that give you meaning begins with understanding what you found fulfilling in past lives. So, if you’ve been taking life a little too seriously, it’s time to lighten up and let the spirit guides take you on a search for joy!

May 2023, Earth Angels: When Spirit Guides Are Not Enough

For this month, we’ll look at who earth angels are, what they do, and why you should most definitely care!

We all get stuck at some point in our lives. For example, you might be trapped in a dismal career, following a path that’s inconsistent with your soul’s life plan, or in a relationship that makes you go “meh.”

In cases like those, your spirit guides will always try to motivate you to make much needed changes. But it can sometimes be hard to hear or recognize their guidance. And if you continue to ignore their nudges, then that’s when an earth angel will appear.

An earth angel is the person who acts as a catalyst for change in your life. They might suggest a better way of doing things or show you a different path to follow. And they show up when you most need them.

Earth angels walk amongst us. And guess what? You’re one too!

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