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I’m sure we’ve all heard someone extol the virtues of living authentically. And who wouldn’t want to? But what does living authentically mean? How do you reach that place? And how do you know when you’ve arrived?

In this month’s exploration, we’ll explore what it means to live authentically, and we’ll look at the way our soul types determine what authenticity is for each of us.

We’ll examine how, for example, a Creator soul type needs the freedom to think and act creatively, how a Caregiver is fulfilled through being of service in ways that allow them to express love, and why a Hunter type needs clear goals.

We’ll wind up the month with plenty of practical examples showing what it means to be authentic in mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re ready to live a more authentic life, you’re in the right place. Here’s to another empowering and inspirational month in the Soul World!

December 2022, Setting Spiritual Boundaries: Standing Up for Your Right to Be Treated with Respect


December 2022, Setting Spiritual Boundaries: Standing Up for Your Right to Be Treated with Respect

Many souls enter this word not knowing how to protect themselves from the physical, emotional, and spiritual intrusions of others. When boundaries are weak, fuzzy, or non-existent, it can be hard to tell when emotions belong to you or others.

You may wonder why it’s so hard to stand up for your right to be treated respectfully or kindly. You may struggle to stop family, friends, or coworkers from continually violating your boundaries. The cause always stems from the past.

When your soul has been treated badly in a past life, it will have difficulty standing up for itself now in this life. It may cause you to placate, submit, or acquiesce. Or it may cause others to take advantage of your generosity, easygoing nature, or willingness to help.

Not only that, but when you have a problem setting boundaries, your soul will close your heart chakra for protection. Which is the worst way to deal with boundary violations because they’ll still happen, but all you’ve done is emotionally anesthetize yourself, so you don’t feel the effects.

Having an open-heart chakra and strong boundaries is the ideal condition to be in. When you learn how to set clear boundaries, your soul will begin to heal the past. And the more you get clear about what you will and will not tolerate, the stronger you’ll become.

November 2022, Paths of Spiritual Growth: Where past lives and present purpose meet

As an old soul, you’re expected to be an example to less experienced souls. Having embodied the most important lessons every soul is here to learn, being loving, kind, honest, and respectful should come easily to you.

All souls are seeking to fully embody the ten core values that are the markers associated with spiritual maturity. To do so, you walk the Paths that lead to the goals. But, as an old soul, you can also use the Paths to heal past-life trauma. And to put certain major life lessons on the front burner.

In this month’s exploration, we’ll take five well-worn Paths and show how both your personality and your Paths reveal important insights about the fears and lessons that are up for you in this incarnation.

Walking the Paths are of fundamental importance, especially to old souls.

October 2022, Procrastination No More: Overcoming Blocks to Achievement

What’s the point? Why bother? I’ll never be any good! I’ll get round to it eventually. It probably won’t work out anyway. If any of these statements sound familiar, this month’s exploration is for you!

If you know you should be doing something, but keep putting it off or making excuses, you may be wrestling with the curse of procrastination. And if you’re waiting for a better time, for the planets to align, or for someone to help you achieve your goals, you could end up in a holding pattern that could last a lifetime.

Procrastination is a fear-based issue, which means it’s one that can be healed. You’re not doomed to always put things off. As the spirit guides often point out, you don’t want to be 100-years old wishing you’d done what you should have been doing. On your deathbed, you won’t regret the opportunities you took, only the ones you didn’t.

This is not a drill – this is your life. And, though you may have other incarnations ahead of you, you won’t pass this way again. Living the life your soul intended is the key to fulfillment. And it doesn’t generally involve sitting around waiting for someone or something to make things happen.

You are 100 percent responsible for ensuring your life is lived to the fullest. In this month’s exploration, I’ll help you better understand what’s blocking you from manifesting your dream life, and I’ll show you how to push past those blocks.

September 2022, Finding Kindred Spirits: Your Soul's Quest for Belonging

Every soul seeks love and acceptance. And it can’t do it without the help of kindred spirits.

Thousands of years ago, your soul split off from the universal consciousness to begin its journey on the Physical Plane. Finding itself alone, it embarked on a search for belonging that will last until it eventually becomes a part of the universal consciousness once again.

To experience love and acceptance, your soul is impelled to find members of its soul family—others who began their journey on earth at the same time.

Your soul-family members are those with whom you share the most meaningful friendships, the most karmic family relationships, and the most intimate romantic experiences.

However, your soul family also often comes with a great deal of baggage. Together, you may be working on the hardest karmic lessons, and be in each other’s lives to heal the effects of profound past-life trauma.

Who are your soul family? Where are they? How do you find them? Discover the answers to these and many other questions in this month’s exploration: Finding Kindred Spirits.

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