Inspiring and Empowering Old Souls to Embody Their Full Potential

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The Soul World Community is an online membership community and virtual gathering place for old souls like you.

Each month, past-life psychic Ainslie MacLeod and wife, spiritual mentor Christine focus on a specific theme related to your soul’s journey. They explore things like soul ages, soul types, missions, past-life fears, spirit guides, karma, and all sorts of other fascinating topics.

All content is hosted on a password-protected website that’s accessible 24/7 for as long as your membership remains active. Members learn through live monthly events with Ainslie and Christine, and have access to archived replays as well.

The Soul World Community is a sacred sanctuary for spiritual seekers. As one member recently put it, “This beautiful community has taught me so much about myself, other people, and the world. And it’s so amazing and lovely to find other people here that think like me!”


Your membership in the Soul World Community comes with a treasure trove of benefits, including:

      • Live monthly class (60 minutes)
      • Live monthly past-life regression (60 minutes)
      • Live monthly support group (facilitated by Christine, 60 minutes)
      • Live monthly Q&A session (90 minutes)
      • Access to our private and very active members-only forum, the Soul World Lounge (not on Facebook)
      • Weekday emails from Ainslie and the spirit guides
      • Sign-up bonuses

Ainslie and Christine work diligently each month to bring you fascinating and insightful content designed to support you on your journey here. Plus, you’ll get some cool free bonuses for joining membership that are yours to keep forever.

Read on to learn about your membership benefits in more detail.


Most spiritual old souls understand (at least in theory) that they have a purpose for this incarnation. But exactly what that purpose is can often feel vague or out of reach. While manifesting your full potential sounds great on paper, the limiting beliefs your soul is hanging onto from past lives can make it seem like an impossible dream.

For these reasons and more, Ainslie and Christine created the Soul World Community. To provide resources and support so you can:

      • Gain clarity on your life purpose and the confidence to fulfill it
      • Release past-life fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs
      • Get better at setting and achieving your spiritual goals
      • Learn how to collaborate with your spirit guides
      • Understand and accept your inherent worth
      • Reunite with your soul family and kindred spirits from all over the world

The Soul World Community is all about inspiring and empowering you to make this incarnation the very best it can be. With support from the spirit guides and with Ainslie and Christine at the helm, by becoming a member of their old soul community, you can finally start living the life your soul intended.


Ainslie MacLeod, Past-Life Psychic

“I wasn’t always a psychic and spiritual teacher. In fact, for most of my life, I was just a regular Muggle. Then, I ran into my deceased uncle in a bookstore in Hawaii—an event that radically reshaped my understanding of the universe.

“Until that moment, I thought life was just a series of random events, completely devoid of meaning. But after I began working with elevated spirit guides, I discovered that everyone has a purpose for being here. Your destiny, as I like to say, is not a secret.

“Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the chance to sit down with Oprah, Dr. Oz, and countless other luminaries to share with them what I’ve learned from my spirit guides.

“Christine and I created the Soul World Community as a safe haven for spiritual seekers and those who want to better understand who they are and why they’re here.”

Christine Love-MacLeod, Spritual Mentor

“Although I was raised in a religious environment, a series of profound supernatural experiences as a teenager set me on a mystical path that I continue to follow today.

“After meeting Ainslie, I knew it was time to end my 20-year career as a project manager in the public sector in order to embrace my role as a spiritual mentor.

“Ainslie and I now share a partnership in life and in business, and the healing work I’ve done with his spirit guides and him has helped bring me back to my soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

“I am blessed with the ability to interpret esoteric concepts and apply them to real-world situations. And it’s my soul’s mission to help you and other old souls apply Ainslie’s teachings so that you, too, can live a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment.”

The Spirit Guides

Ainslie MacLeod has earned his reputation as a world renowned psychic, author, and spiritual teacher as a result of his profound understanding of the soul’s purpose.

His insights and teachings come directly from elevated spirt guides on the Causal Plane, and are not based on conjecture or assumption.

Everything Ainslie and Christine offer in the Soul World Membership Community is supported by the spirit guides. The wisdom the guides offer is intended to enhance your experience of life on earth.

Through Ainslie, the guides want to show you how to better understand who you are and why you’re here, and how to heal your fears and live a life of greater meaning and purpose.

Enrollment for the Soul World Community is currently closed.

If you would like to be notified when the doors reopen, please click the button below.


I want to express a heartfelt thank you to Ainslie and Christine for the work that you do and the humility you have as you do it. Words cannot express how profound the impact your work is having not just on me but on everyone you reach.

Alex B.

Soul World Community Member

I’m a new member and am still feeling like a kid in the candy shop over the videos and blogs in the library.  Can’t wait to get to know other members!

Lisa A.

Soul World Community Member

It is my absolute pleasure to be a part of this community — it is so special!

Cal H.

Soul World Community Member

I love the unconditional presence of this group. My soul longs for a place to be its perfectly imperfect self. How amazing to have found it here!

Karen J.

Soul World Community Member

This membership was the best gift I gave myself. I found a place where I can share my experiences without judgement, and learn so much from the experiences of others. I feel a renewed sense of happiness and connection to others. Don’t hesitate, just do it! It will change you.

Juliana M.

Soul World Community Member

When I discovered Ainslie I felt like, “Finally, the truth!” If you’re thinking of joining this community, the gifts will be fascination in understanding life as it has unfolded for you, and becoming far more inclined to accept yourself while seeing the path ahead!

Elizabeth M.

Soul World Community Member

Its a fellowship that had been missing in my life since I stopped going to church as a child. Everyone is so awesome and kind – its really wonderful and I am beyond glad I found this community and joined.

Anna S.

Soul World Community Member

Membership feels as though I have come home. 

Madeline S.

Soul World Community Member

Comradery!! To be surrounded by like minded souls is just a breath of fresh air! I feel 100% comfortable sharing without judgment!

James T.

Soul World Community Member

Being in Ainslie MacLeod’s Soul World has been life-changing for me.

But what’s been most refreshing is how much depth and richness Christine adds to the experience.

She’s deeply compassionate. She’s skilled at facilitating everything from our monthly group calls to the online community. And her warm and friendly voice is delightful to listen to.

I’ve been a member of many different membership communities in my day. But rarely do I see both partners contribute so much—individually and as a team.


Soul World Community Member



Ainslie and Christine begin each month with a live 60-minute class focused on the current theme chosen by the spirit guides. The class sets the stage for the entire month’s exploration and is broadcasted in video mode, with a lively chat feature moderated by Christine.

Because we have members from across the globe, days and times for live events are moved around each month. This allows members in varying timezones to join at least some of those events each month.

But if you can’t make a live session, no worries – you’ll have 24/7 access to replays on the member website.


Each month, Ainslie leads members through a past-life regression to help you:

  • Heal fears, blocks, and other limitations by uncovering trauma from previous incarnations
  • Learn valuable lessons from past lives to help you solve challenges and live your authentic destiny in this lifetime
  • Tap into empowering traits from your soul’s past to help you thrive in the present

The regressions are broadcasted in video mode with a lively chat feature moderated by Christine. Each regression centers around the theme of the month chosen by the spirit guides and explored during the monthly class.

After the regression, Ainslie and Christine help participants process their experience through valuable insights into not only what it means, but also what to do with the information.

If you’re unable to join the live regression, a replay will be available for you to participate in on your own time. While the live option is always best so you can ask questions, the regression replay offers just as much value in terms of healing potential for your soul.


Where Ainslie has a direct line to the spirit guides, Christine is expert at helping make sense of what they share, and at offering  encouragement and practical ideas for how to put that wisdom into action.

Which is why she facilitates a live monthly Zoom support group where members can ask questions, share their wins, and connect with kindred spirits. It’s a space for members to feel respectfully seen, heard, and valued.

While these monthly discussion groups are a fairly new membership benefit, they have quickly become beloved by all who join. As one member said after a recent group, “I LOVE being in this sacred space with all of you!”


Ainslie and Christine wrap up each month with a live 90-minute Q&A session in video format. Whether you’re:

  • Looking for answers to questions that have come up around the month’s theme
  • Needing help deciphering a message from your spirit guides
  • Experiencing a block that you can’t seem to move past
  • Wanting validation on a recent intuitive hit

The Q&A is a great place for answers and support. Often, members show up looking for an answer to their own questions, but wind up gaining even more value by also hearing the answers to other members’ questions.

While each of the live monthly sessions are extremely popular with members, the Q&A sessions are one of the most beloved.



Each weekday, Ainslie sends members an email with insights and inspiration from spirit guides.

Filled with short lessons, quotes, anecdotes and sometimes a little homework, these “Daily Messages” are presented to help you better understand and embody the monthly teachings.


At the heart of the Soul World Community is our inner sanctum, the Soul World Lounge. It’s a private sanctuary for spiritual seekers where kindred spirits await.

The Lounge is our members-only forum for you to be seen, heard, and supported as you continue exploring your soul’s purpose.   

Share your past-life regression experiences and hear other members stories. Post your questions, engage in the dialogue, and truly immerse yourself in a community where you can be your authentic self.


If you miss an event or want to dive deeper into a particular subject, the Reading Room library is the place to go.

In the Reading Room, you’ll find recordings from all previous live events for 2021. And as a member, you have 24/7 access to these private archives.


As a member, you gain access to live and recorded classes, reressions, support groups, Q&A sessions, messages from Ainslie and the spirit guides, plus an active and supportive member forum. Any one of the valuable resources alone could easily cost more than your monthly dues. But Ainslie and Christine have worked hard to keep your investment to a minimum. They believe you’ll feel similar to this member who recently said, “The Soul World Community has changed my life. It was the greatest investment I made in myself and helps me every day.”

Enrollment for the Soul World Community is currently closed.

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Monthly Membership $57/month

Annual Membership $627/year – One month free!


In addition to the many benefits you gain by becoming a Soul World Community member, when you sign up, you’ll also get immediate access to two powerful bonuses from Ainslie and his spirit guides.

You’ll learn how to open your soul to prosperity and manifest more abundance in your life. You’ll also learn how to create a productive working relationship with your spirit guides, who are standing by just waiting to collaborate with you.

These audio presentations are yours to keep forever, no matter how long or short you remain an active member.


Ainslie is at the frontier of exploration into the soul.


Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Bestselling Author

Ainslie quite simply changed my life.


Grammy Award Winning Singer Songwriter, and Producer

Ainslie truly changed the course of my life. What a blessing!


American Author, Life Coach and Speaker


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Do you like what you’ve read so far and want to learn more, but aren’t quite ready to join as a Soul World Community member? Consider joining Ainslie and Christine for one of their free Soul World Sundays.

During these weekly 30 minute broadcasts, you’ll get a taste of their teachings as they explore all sorts of fascinating topics related to your soul’s journey.

Soul World Sunday is a great way to see how Ainslie and Christine work together, and to make connections with other old souls worldwide.

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